The Art of the Udu Drum
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The Art of the Udu Drum, Volume 1: Making The Drum
A Comprehensive Educational DVD Series
by Frank Giorgini

The udu drum is an all clay musical instrument based on the Nigerian side hole pot drum. Its traditional form is that of a narrow necked, vase-like vessel, with a circular hole in the side in addition to the opening at the top.

Frank Giorgini first learned to make the udu drum from Abbas M. Ahuwan of Zaria, Nigeria in 1974. In this comprehensive, interdisciplinary DVD Frank will demonstrate the traditional Nigerian method of constructing an udu drum from an amorphous lump of clay into a finished functioning musical instrument. The entire process is clearly presented in real time step by step instruction.

“In this DVD I teach what I consider the most traditional and best method for constructing an all clay udu drum of the highest quality. If you follow these instructions, you will be able to create a superior udu drum.” – Frank Giorgini

Also included is an “ODE TO ABBAS” - a documentary tribute to Frank’s teacher Abbas M. Ahuwan, including archival documentary footage.

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Coming Soon:
Volume 2: Playing the Drum
Volume 3: Udu Projects for the Classroom

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